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Why do we do it? provides free blood tests for research and testing purposes as we attempt to develop health-based solutions to the challenges of illness and aging.

The goal of the free blood test is to encourage people to get a handle on their health. Blood markers are the only quantitative way to see the impact of behaviors and environment on the body. Though invasive, it is a direct measure of how the body is performing and how it is aging. No other method provides as accurate information as a blood test.

By doing a blood test, you can see the true measure of your behavior’s impact on your body.

The blood test is completely free. We do not ask for your credit card or any other billing information.

The blood test is performed by a licensed phlebotomist and laboratory service.

What do we test for?

Pheno Life offers a comprehensive list of blood screening options for our patients.  When you schedule your free test, you'll be able to choose any you require.

Get A Free Blood Test From Pheno Life

Get A Free Blood Test From Pheno Life