Fair life insurance based on your personality, not statistics from 1920

Pheno is a technology company transforming the life insurance industry by making it personalized. We don't bucket people into categories or lean on a complex structure. We eliminated intermediaries to support individuals with unbiased policies.

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Why Pheno?


We believe that your longevity can't be assessed with a one-size-fits-all table. We deeply analyzed the health of a diverse set of people to create tailored policies.


Your policy won't be based on mortality statistics from1920. We use innovative health and computation technologies to bring you the best product for your life.


We built the insurer from scratch to eliminate lengthy processes and expensive middlemen. That means you can go from applying to protecting your family in a matter of minutes.

Pheno collects the most accurate longevity dataset

Our Mission

We believe that better predictions and operational excellence should be translated into better quotes, not higher commissions.

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