Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that testing is the only way for people to get a hold of their health. We believe that individualized blood testing allows for behavioral tracking of health.
One of your representatives will contact you to schedule an appointment for the phlebotomy service. You will receive a consent form explaining the service.
Once the results are ready, we will contact you and provide the full test report.
A licensed local phlebotomist (a nurse or other health worker trained in drawing blood) will make an appointment with you to arrange for a licensed blood test from the convenience of your home.
A CLIA licensed local or national laboratory.
A few days after the blood is collected. We will contact you once the blood test is available.
We will contact you by phone or email.
This is a blood testing services not a donating service. We do not make your blood available for blood transfusion. We will store limited amount of blood (a few drops) for proteomic and other basic research. is a secure platform where we do all testing with licensed entities and in full compliance of HIPA regulations. We do not use your information for anything other than testing reports and to contact you. We do not sell your information to anyone.
We will store a few drops of the blood that is left over from the testing to perform basic research. We DO NOT use your identified information for research, just the blood and deidentified information that you provide.
We provide the results of the testing to you, but we retain a copy to be use for basic proteomic testing and analysis. We DO NOT use your name or contact information for any research.
Life insurance agencies have a long history of performing testing for insurance purposes. We believe that the testing should be upfront and free. We will process your information for research and for an insurance quote. There is no obligation to buy. But we believe that part of knowing your health is also knowing the value of it. If you are healthy, why not get insurance at a lower rate?
For the blood testing we request that you provide contact information so we have a method of contacting you and scheduling the phlebotomy service. We do not ask for credit card information, as the service is free.
By signing the consent form, you are agreeing that we can schedule the phlebotomy service, to conduct the select blood testing on the extracted blood and to use a few drops of the blood for proteomic testing. You are also agreeing to provide metadata on yourself in a deidentified manner. This is google data, amazon search history and health records access. We remove your personal identifiers (your name, your address, ect…) from this information and use just the records for research. We never use your own name and contact for anything other than to contact you about your blood test and your insurance rates.

Other questions?

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